Intel CE4100 media processor

Intel’s latest CE4100 media processor is more or less a system-on-a-chip with a processor and graphics controller crammed onto a single chip that was built using a 45nm process. To sweeten the deal, it was built on the low power Atom processor core, making it the ideal “brain” for set top boxes including cable boxes and Blu-ray players, although it shouldn’t see any action in notebooks. Capable of running at clock speeds up to 1.2GHz while featuring FSB speeds of 200MHz to 400MHz while supporting playback of 2 simultaneous 1080p video streams, the Intel CE4100 is truly a capable piece of silicon wizardry, supportting H.264 video playback, 3D graphics and streaming media in Flash 10 format. In addition, it does all that while consuming a mere 7 to 9 watts.

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