Moto Cliq/Dext, a few more details and photos

We’ve received a number of questions concerning the Motorola Cliq, so here’s an update along with a few side by side photos with the iPhone 3GS and the BlackBerry 8900. Now you can compare the Motorola Cliq to these popular handsets.

Q: What’s the battery life of the Cliq?
A: It depends on the usage pattern, so it’s hard to tell, but we’ve been told that like many smartphones, you might get away if you forget to charge it one day.

Q: Can the Cliq be used as a pure touch phone? (no keyboard)
A: Yes, you won’t have to slide the keyboard out, ever. Note that the horizontal keyboard is available in heavy texting apps, but not in all the applications

Q: Does the Cliq support Microsoft Exchange?
A: Yes

Q: Can a thief delete the MotoBlur account to prevent a remote wipe?
A: No, the MotoBlur account can be removed only with a hard reset, that effectively wipes the device anyway. The thief should be able to remove the SIM card, however.

Q: Can MotoBlur use Facebook’s thumbnails as a caller ID picture?
A: Yes, MotoBlur uses a cross referencing system to identify/merge your contacts across multiple platforms. In most cases, your friends Facebook profile photo can be used as a caller ID image.

Q: Can developer access MotoBlur’s data?
A: It’s a complicated answer, because it depends on the agreement with various social networks. We’ll have to get back to you on that.

Q: What’s the Cliq screen resolution?
A: 320×4480

Q: If I lose my Cliq, can I just buy a new one, sync to MotoBlur and restore all my contacts?
A: Yes, your communications data lives in a remote MotoBlur server. Your handset is merely a view to that data. We don’t think that photos and music would be backed up to MotoBlur, but the contacts, emails/messages and social networking setup should be.

Q: How does the keyboard feel?

A: The keys were a little hard and the keyboard button shapes could be better. That said, it’s hard to get used to a new keyboard after less than one our of use. The keys are not “flat” and that’s good news, because it is a common issue with slider phones.

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