New iPod nano, hands on
New iPod nano, hands on

I just spent some time with the new iPod nano… needless to say that it is super light and thin (that’s not new). The camera is oddly placed on the bottom of the device where your fingers would tend to be. That said, it’s easy enough to hold it rotated at 90 degrees and use the widescreen or take the less intuitive approach of holding it on both sides to snap a movie. The video quality and frame rate seemed OK, although I did spot some motion blur here and there. It’s too hard to tell on the tiny display We’ll have to look at it on a computer… and on YouTube.

Interesting facts

  • The nano can hold 7hrs of video (8GB)
  • It records in 640×480
  • The FM radio has a 15mn buffer that can be played back
  • The headset acts as an antenna and is required for the radio to function

If the video quality is good enough, Flip and the likes are in deep s..t

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