The End of Crappy Photos on The Web

[DEMOFall 09] VicMan Software launched its Online Photo! Enhancement Platform, which is a RESTful API available at . Most pictures taken with point and shoot cameras or phones have bad quality, mostly due to noise, incorrect color balance, low light conditions or the famous red-eye effect. enhancement algorithm ( fixes all common photo defects at once by analyzing an image and by applying color and contrast adjustment, performing denoising and sharpening. Another algorithm,, for automatic portrait corrections, detects a face in a photo and fixes automatically common flaws, delivering whiter teeth, smoother skin and removing the red eye effect. The End of Crappy Photos on The Web

The caricature tool,, allows to animate a face in one click, the service lets users integrate theirs pictures in 170 various settings templates and the http://avatar algorithm enables avatars creation. According to the company, since the platform is cloud based, the websites owners , who want to implement this solution to enhance the photo experience for their users, will not have to deal with scalability issues. The detailed API documentation (as well as photo processing examples, sample galleries and the usage price) at and .

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