Solar powered carports

Have an electric vehicle or a hybrid people mover? You will definitely want to give Japan-based Sankyo Tateyama Aluminium a call then as they have started to sell carports equipped with solar power generation systems located right on their tops. This will not only help recharge your vehicles at the end of the day without adding additional burdens to your monthly power bill, it can also boost the amount of solar energy in your home. Also known as the M.Shade carports, they can accommodate a couple of cars at most, where extra-strong pillars will support the weight of the solar panels located above. Each purchase comprises of a dozen twelve solar panels measuring 5.6m × 5.4m, where it offers 2,235kW per year which ought to be enough to supply around 50% of the needs of a typical household each year. It won’t come cheap though – retailing for $40,000 minus installation costs, but then again if you can afford a full electric vehicle, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

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