Sony Motion Controller coming next spring

While Nintendo has their well-established Wiimote and Nunchuk, the Xbox 360 has already announced Project Natal to be part of its future immersive game playing experience. Sony, on the other hand, will release its Motion Controller early next year when spring arrives. This new controller will come with high-precision, highly accurate motion sensors in order to deliver a whole new entertainment experience on PS3. There is one drawback, however, which is you will need to pick up the PlayStation Eye camera beforehand, where the latter is able to recognize and track a user’s face and voice as well as body motion. The Motion Controller itself will come with a couple of motion sensors, a trio of axes gyroscope and three axes accelerometer which is able to detect the controller’s angle and movement whenver held in the user’s hand. When used in tandem with the PlayStation Eye camera, the PS3 is able to track the absolute position of the controller accurately. One can also expect the new controller to come with a rumble feature for a more immersive gaming experience. There is no word on pricing, but we wonder whether we can use the Motion Controller to club someone over the head in MGS4. [Press Release]

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