VIAAS, IP video surveillance “as a service”


[DEMOFall 09] VIAAS is the new video surveillance “as a service” delivered over the web by Third Iris. “VIAAS is simple to install, provides the power of professional monitoring systems and delivers enterprise-class reliability without the complexities typically associated with video monitoring solutions. .. Cost of entry is less than one-fourth of equivalent premise-based systems and since VIAAS operates as a service, customers benefit from lower ongoing cost of ownership as well,” said Steve Roskowski, co-founder and CEO of Third Iris. VIAAS features include a video footage search engine, IntelEvents, that allow users to easily find a particular video (by date and time of capture) without having to browse the videos for hours. VIAAS cameras automatically connect via a broadband internet connection to the VIASS service, according to the company, no additional network configuration is needed.

Users can access videos by logging into the VIAAS web interface to search the archive or watch the real time streaming from any camera. Thanks to its patented Bandwidth Shaping™, VIAAS cameras need less than one-tenth the bandwidth of traditional cameras and all videos are encrypted for security and data authenticity validating purposes. The VIAAS Camera One provides ultra-wide dynamic range (up to 110db) color video at 20 fps in daylight. It features a built-in IR exchanger with extended exposure and multi-dimension noise filtering, the camera works well in low light and using an external IR illuminator, it can capture images in the dark, it is a Power over Ethernet device and it comes with a 4x zoom lens and a flexible camera mount. Each camera costs $249.95 and the subscription to the VIAAS online service is charged $29.95 per month. VIAAS is available now in Northern America only.For more information, please visit

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VIAAS, IP video surveillance “as a service”

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