Cheetah C50 GPS speed camera detector

Don’t balk at the Cheetah C50 GPS speed camera detector’s $100 price tag as it could potentially save you much more than that in the long run if you’re a speed demon who loves zooming down the freeway whenever cops are not around to issue you a ticket. In fact, it is also smart enough to identify various types of cameras including speed, red light, speed-on-green, and can inform you on whether the camera is on a freeway, a highway, an exit ramp, a frontage road, a nearby city street, in a tunnel, after the end of a tunnel, on an overpass, in a school zone, in a construction zone or even near a bridge ahead. Apart from that, the Cheetah C50’s directional intelligence ensures you won’t be falsely alerted of a camera that is facing the other direction while you speed in your new Skyline GT-R.

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