Missing Sidekick Data Gone Forever?

If there ever was to be an epic fail in the history of cloud computing, the problems that T-Mobile is having with its Sidekick is certainly it. Those of you who have Sidekicks will most certainly have (painfully) found out that you’ve been without many important services over the past few days, not to mention missing contacts, calendar entries to name a few. To make things worse, T-Mobile has issued a statement that they probably won’t be able to recover the data, meaning if you didn’t backup you data beforehand, your data is most certainly toast. Actually, the whole point of keeping all the data server-side is probably because everybody thought they’d keep everything safe and sound, though it certainly appears otherwise. One important note that T-Mobile mentions is that affected users should not power off their devices, reset it by removing the battery, or let the battery drain completely, as any personal content on the device will certainly be gone.

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