Nvidia Fermi Ray-Tracing Demo

A Chinese website (PCzilla) has published images of what appears to be a ray-tracing demo for the upcoming graphics processor codenamed Fermi (a.k.a GeForce GT300). The image with the room (see extended post) is done with Mental Ray and is probably a CUDA demo. I’m not sure what the deal is with the two faces (including this one above). I suspect that they are also part of a general purpose computing demo that accelerates ray-tracing. I don’t say that because it looks “too good to be real-time”, but because supercomputing seems to be the overall theme here. You would be surprised to see what can be done in real-time with a static face.

Playground Festival Trailer from Revolver on Vimeo.

Update: A link from a commenter led to the video below. There’s no mention of NVIDIA, but the footage matched what’s in the photos above.

Together with animation studio Onesize we made a kickass trailer for the Playgrounds Festival (festival for digital audiovisual art).

In terms of technique, Onesize wanted to have more control over the slow motion in post production, still be be able to decide camera angles and motion. To do this we used the camera mapping technique in 3D combined with photograpy. So everything you see is photography and 3D, no filming was done whatsoever.

Photography was done by our director Jasper Faber (revolver.nl/jasper), directing and post by Onesize (onesize.nl). Sound/music by Studio Takt.

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