Toyota Partner Robots plays musical instruments

Toyota’s Partner Robots are able to play the drums and the tuba, thanks to a handful of wheels that have been hidden under its floor-hugging hood for added stability. The tuba player and the drummer stand at 100cm tall, where each individual will come with a special head design so that we humans can tell the difference at a glance. Richie will be the one who handles the Yamaha drum set, where he is capable of handling the beat with a couple of fully articulated arms and hands alongside a footless foot pedal (ironic, isn’t it?), boasting a total of 16 degrees of freedom. As for tuba player Chuck, this 50kg robot carries a tuba on his shoulder with one hand while fingering the valves with the other, taking only 11 degrees of freedom to do so. This leads us to wonder, when will we have a robot orchestra?

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