TXTBlocker prevents kids from texting while driving

TXTBlocker is a great new software that will rely on a GPS chipset within a cellphone to know whether he/she is in a moving car, locking down the handset to prevent any texting. Sounds great, but hopefully this service will also keep track of where the public transport routes are lest they end up on a fast moving train and yet cannot communicate via SMS with their buddies. Nevertheless, you are still able to dial 911 during emergencies, while all incoming calls will be sent to voicemail and incoming texts are stored in the phone’s database until the software determines that it is safe to communicate. Available on BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices at the moment, the company is working on an Android and iPhone edition as well. It will cost you $25 initially with a $9.99 monthly fee afterwards. Hopefully it won’t be too big a hit on the battery life if it is going to use the GPS chipset within all day long.

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