Garmin GPSmap series


Garmin has just unveiled a new range of GPSmap series, where they will be described in further detail under a bulleted format below for easier reference.

  • GPSMAP 7015: touchscreen, 15″, basemap only
  • GPSMAP 7215: touchscreen, 15″, U.S. coastal charts and more
  • GPSMAP 7012: touchscreen, 12″, basemap only
  • GPSMAP 7212: touchscreen, 12″, U.S. coastal charts and more
  • GPSMAP 6012: soft key interface, 12″, basemap only
  • GPSMAP 6212: soft key interface, 12″, U.S. coastal charts and more
  • GPSMAP 6008: soft key interface, 8″, basemap only
  • GPSMAP 6208: soft key interface, 8″, U.S. coastal charts and more

Apart from that, they have also announced a new series of chartplotters including the GPSmap 6000 and GPSmap 7000, where both devices will come with the new Garmin G Motion technology that promises to smooth map panning alongside zooming with super fast updates. Expect to see these new MFD chartplotters from February next year onwards, where they will have a starting price of at least $3,000 – ouch!

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