Pay For Exchange On Motorola Droid? (Updated: No special Exchange pricing)

Updated 11/4/09 8:54am, read below. You know how some cell phone carriers have a habit of turning a great phone into a crippled device? Well, this might almost be one of those scenarios. What are we talking about here? Well, we all know that Motorola’s Droid supports Exchange’s ActiveSync, that’s fine and dandy, the bad news is that Verizon Wireless wants users to pay at least an additional $15 a month on top of their current data plan for Exchange access, bringing the total to $45. Verizon’s reasoning is that the Droid is primarily targeted at consumers, and that the fee also applies to smartphones such as the BlackBerry. Either way, paying more isn’t going to go down well with customers.

Update: Verizon has officially responded, and the previous reports are incorrect. There is no higher pricing to access Exchange. If you are on the $30 plan, Exchange will work just fine. The $45 plan is for corporate accounts, but the higher price has nothing to do with the Exchange access.

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