XO2 Folding Scooter

With electric vehicles become more and more common, the XO2 electric scooter shouldn’t surprise anyone based on it being powered by electric. One of the more interesting features of this electric scooter is that you can fold it up and bring it in to your apartment for charging. Granted it’s still pretty big when it’s folded, but if you’re going to keep it in your house to keep it away from the thieves, you’ll be grateful that it can shrink itself a little. The scooter sports between 60km/h for the XO2 50 Urban and 105km/h for the XO2 125 Urban. You’ll be able to charge the scooter to about 80% within a few hours, and get about 50-70km out of it. There isn’t any information on pricing or availability just yet, but stay tuned, and we’ll update you as soon as we get wind of those details.

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