Google Nexus One has T Mobiles support (not official)

Earlier today, Peter Kafka published that Google would work with T-Mobile (see previous rumor) to provide some support for the phone. Most of the time, carriers do not provide that for unlocked phones and that has been a serious problem so far for unlocked devices. By the way “T-Mobile” also means “GSM” if you still had any doubts. It is still not clear how carriers will react to Google’s decision to “go Rambo” on selling phones directly to the public, as it’s not clear what their interest is (if any).

T-Mobile is in a weak position relative to other carriers, so it will try to be Google’s friend for now. Google will probably use that as leverage against other carriers to compel them to jump on board or lose some business. Google will have so sell a significant number of phones to get AT&T to join. If carriers choose to fight (by not providing support to setup phones), there’s not a whole lot that Google can do to force their hands. It is likely that AT&T will stay out of the game for now and observe T-Mobile. Verizon and Sprint are currently out of the game because they run CDMA networks.

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