Pumplon wheel could revolutionize industry

Your four wheels are of utmost importance to make sure that you reach your destination safe and sound regardless of the road condition, be it rain, sleet or snow. The Pumplon wheel might just be a game changer, as it resembles a pumpkin or a melon in its two extreme forms. The Pumplon was inspired by the many problems that plague public transportation as well as farmers in rural areas no thanks to poor roads as well as the problem of floods whenever the rainy season srikes. Within the Pumplon is a steel shaft which can expand and retract via a rotary mechanism, followed by pneumatic or hydraulic, adjusting rings that make the wheel deformation wider or narrower. Whenever conditions are wetter, the narrowest setting would be ideal to increase contact pressure, but when you’re about to hit the mud, a wider tire is preferred. The Pumplon is made from a thermoplastic material complete with a cover made out of vulcanized rubber.

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