Toshiba NB300 spotted on FCC

The folks at the FCC are currently playing with the Toshiba NB300, where this next generation Toshiba netbook will not only boast integrated 3G wireless connectivity but GPS navigation capabilities as well. Guess this is best used with a co-pilot in the car, as we doubt there is a large enough mount on your dashboard that can handle the NB300 while you drive without obstructing your view of the road. Too bad the Toshiba NB300 won’t make it out in time for the holiday season, but better late than never, eh? Features and specifications of the netbook include a 10.1″ display, a Qualcomm Gobi2000 module, compatibility with GPS, EVDO, WCDM/HSPA, CDMA200 and EDGE services and in all probability a next-generation Intel Atom Pineview chip considering its release period.

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