Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 Screenshots

Leaked screenshots of Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Writer have surface online. Of course, these screenshots are not from final builds, not even are they from beta builds, so there is a strong possibility that the layout may change when it’s finally released. It seems that there will be tight integration of social networks in the upcoming Windows Live applications and you should be able to see a social stream of updates. You’ll probably have to tie your account with Facebook, Twitter, Digg, MySpace, LinkedIn, and YouTube to Windows Live to get these features. Another of the more noticeable changes is the original 235 by 65 pixel advertising windows at the bottom has been replaced with a 300 by 260 one, so if you’re against advertising on your apps, this might be slightly irritating. Are you looking forward to the updated version of these apps, or are you currently satisfied with what is already offered?

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