Airnergy Wi-Fi Powered Charger


CES 2010] Wireless charging seems like a dream to move gadget-users out there, after all, who’d want to plug a device into a charger, if you could charge it wirelessly, right? The Airnergy Charger certainly looks promising, and might actually fulfill your wireless charging fantasies. This device is able to harvest the electricity from Wi-Fi networks, and convert it into electricity with a high enough efficiency to make it practical. When demoed at CES, it was able to charge a BlackBerry from 30% charge to full in about 90 minutes, using ambient Wi-Fi as a power source. So as long as you have a Wi-Fi network around you, you just have to carry it around, and it’ll charge itself. Of course, the proximity of the Wi-Fi source, and number of Wi-Fi sources will also be a factor. The best part is the company, RCA, says that the USB charger will be available this summer for just $40, and if they stick to that price point when it’s released, it’s going to be one interesting device.

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