Apple Moves Against iPhone Cloners In China

It looks like Apple is stepping up its efforts against those fake iPhones that are flooding the market. A report from Shenzhen states that a police raid in a workshop there resulted in more than 1,000 iPhone clones and 6000 phone batteries being seized. Apparently Apple’s team in China was responsible for the raid, and Apple is sending staff off to Shenzhen to learn more about the case. With the popularity of Apple’s iPhone, it really isn’t any surprise that there is a huge market of iPhone clones out there, since not everybody can afford an iPhone, while the clones that were seized cost about $74 each only. There are some rumors that these pirated iPhones may have been running the iPhone OS, and if that’s the case, it would certainly be cause of concern for Apple, since most of the fake iPhones in the market have been running half-baked fake iPhone operating systems, thus limiting the capability of those clones.

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