DACport USB sound system

CEntrance breaks convention with the DACport USB sound system that is touted to increase music fidelity on your computer while providing additional volume. Folks who have a fine ear for detail have long moaned the fact that popular audio formats like MP3 and OGG do suffer from the side effects of compression, making them sound like poor cousins of the originals, but the DACport aims to change that by incorporating a 24-bit DAC which supposedly improves and restores quality to these down-sampled compressed digital recordings. With the help of their AdaptiWave technology, there are no drivers or software required, as all the hard work is done within this tiny adapter, freeing up your computer’s processor for other more important tasks. Would you fork out $500 for this? We doubt so, as most people find that the sacrifice in audio quality for MP3 files are good enough for everyday use, and if you’re so concerned about hearing the best in the first place, what are you doing with the MP3 format?

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