Emcycle hybrid vehicle

The Emcycle hybrid is a mode of transportation that allows you to cocoon yourself and pedal to your destination, or enlist the help of electrical assistance to get you there. With three drive options which range from AM (I have energy) to PM (I’m tired!), you will definitely have fun with this while looking chic, although we’re not too sure whether such a concept has enough safety features in mind to make it road-worthy. Apparently, it will be 30mph crash tested and comes with roll over protection, an airbag and a 3-point seat belt to keep you safe in the event of minor collisions, featuring a couple of locakable doors, a rear boot and LED headlights. So far the Emcycle has been classified as a bicycle in Europe, where it takes a whole night to recharge and has a working range of up to 40 miles with a top speed of 40mph.

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