EntroSys air conditioning for motorcyclists

Going around on a motorcycle is not only one of the better ways to avoid massive traffic gridlocks during rush hour, it is also one literally cool way of arriving at your destination due to the open-air nature of the vehicle. How about those sweltering summer months (or folks who live in tropical climates all year round)? Fret not – we have the EntroSys Motorcycle Air Conditioner which offers twofold capability. It can keep you cool when the mercury rises, and blowing hot air whenever Mr. Chill comes a-knocking on your door. Clipped to the back of the bike, it will get wired into the battery with a hose hooked up to a special vest which is worn under your gear. You can control the temperature via a wireless controller that is mounted on the bars, keeping you comfortable wherever you go although your dignity on the road might suffer a wee bit.

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