Garmin BirdsEye service announced

Garmin has announced another subscription-based serivce known as BirdsEye, where users are able to upload highly detailed photo maps to their handheld GPS navigation devices. Of course, this won’t work with all Garmin devices but plays nice with the Garmin Oregon, Garmin Dakota and Garmin Colorado at point of publishing. You will need to fork out an annual subscription fee of $30 that nets you unlimited access. Among the other specifications of the Garmin BirdsEye service include aerial photo-based maps, 0.5 meter per pixel resolution, zoom capability that ranges from 12 miles to 20 feet and the ability to overlay vector maps among others. DigitalGlobe is the data provider for this service, and you will have to wait until March to take advantage of the BirdsEye satellite imagery.

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