Google Docs to accept more file uploads

Google has just announced that their Google Docs service will soon accommodate the ability to upload, store and organize any type of file in Google Docs – basically, this means you can upload and access your files from virtually any Internet-connected device, and not just via your computer. This is good news for folks who carry more and more powerful smartphones that are able to handle larger files natively without having to go through a conversion process, and it beats carrying around those files in a physical media which is prone to damage and faults. On the flipside, your Google account gains even more value since it is a universal passport, so to speak, that lets you access a host of other Google services, so make sure nobody takes off with your username and password! You can now upload to Google Docs any file up to 250MB, with a maximum of 1GB of free storage space for files that have yet to be converted into a Google Docs format. For additional storage space, they cost a mere quarter per GB each year which is extremely affordable.

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