iGo Laptop Anywhere Charger

[CES 2010] iGo has revealed their Laptop Anywhere Charger that boasts an advantage over all the other chargers – it can juice up from any wall, car or even airplane outlet, releasing power only when your laptop needs it. This means you can use it as an alternative power supply, and whenever your laptop is fully charged, you can even leave it connected but it will automatically cut off all power to help you go green. The iGo representative we spoke to mentioned that the tips provided can work with up to 82% (yes, how exact can you get?) of all laptops in the market, so we’d say you’re pretty safe if you’re running on a Lenovo, HP, Compaq, Dell, Acer and Asus. At $129.99 a pop, it is pretty lightweight as well. Oh yeah, did we mention that it can also power another mobile device via USB simultaneously?

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