iGo unleashes new Power Smart Tower

[CES 2010] We saw a glimpse of what iGo had in store for CES 2010, and at CES Unveiled at the Venetian, Las Vegas, was where all the action occured. The Power Smart Tower ought to be a staple in just about every home across America – after all, their marketing campaign did point towards $10 billion wasted each year just because of leaving our devices plugged in while on standby mode. The Power Smart Tower does away with this, as it features eight different outlets (four which are flexible enough to be rotated) that more or less eliminates vampire power, be it in the office or at home. Each plug can be assigned to a selected device – just connect your device of choice and press a button, and the Power Smart Tower will configure itself automatically to output just the right amount of juice that your device requires. Of course, it helps if you can remember which outlet you plugged it into in the first place! Retailing for $79.99 a pop, the Power Smart Tower is ready for order from iGo’s website. Touted to save up to $200 per year for the average American family (according to iGo), we see more of the returns in the form of a greener environment instead of just dollars and cents – what about you?

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