Latest Zune Player Comes Language Localized

It seems like there is more than one surprise in the latest Zune software update. Apparently the latest version is also language localized. Thus far, Microsoft hasn’t mentioned any plans to sell its Zune hardware outside the US, and the Zune player software isn’t available on the German website either, but it seems that once you install the latest Zune player on a non-English PC, all the dialogs automatically change to a different language (German in this case). While it isn’t entirely clear why Microsoft did this just yet, a smart bet would be that it’s intending to expand the Zune HD hardware to other countries, or perhaps that it might be rolling out a Zune service launch in various International markets. The rumors have often indicated that Windows Mobile 7 would have Zune features built-in, so that would certainly justify the need for the Zune player to be available in various languages. Hopefully Microsoft will shed more light on this at next month’s Mobile World Congress, and if they do, it’s certainly going to be an event that we’re all looking forward to.

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