Motorola MOTOROI Coming To T Mobile USA?

By now most of you know that the Motorola MOTOROI will be hitting the US, but which carrier will be getting it? Earlier reports indicated that it might be available on Verizon Wireless, but now word is going around that T-Mobile might be the carrier that will be offering this interestingly-shaped phone. While there isn’t any official word on this just yet, leaked reports a while back indicated that a version of the Motorola Droid without a sliding keyboard would be headed towards T-Mobile, and the MOTOROI would fit that bill nicely. Aside from that, earlier information regarding this phone included descriptions such as “Sholes Tablet T-Mobile US”, not to mention that the FCC approved a phone code-named Sholes, which would support T-Mobile USA’s unique 3G network. Of course, there could be more than one version of this phone released, so more than one carrier could be offering it, but whichever carrier gets this device, we’re certainly looking forward to checking it out.

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