Pong case for iPhone and iPhone 3GS

[CES 2010] You know those horror stories about radiation from cellphones that make you grow a third arm after prolonged use? We’re kidding about the latter, but radiation from cellphone is very real, and depending on who you talk to, they do have negative long term effects such as cancer. Pong falls under that school of thought, and hope to negate the effects of ever more powerful technology (4G today, 10G tomorrow?). With their Pong case for the iPhone and iPhone 3GS, it will not only offer your precious smartphone protection against scratches, knocks and drops, but will also optimally align the handset’s internal antenna to attract all radiative energy. Known as the Pong Effect, it functions as a pure energy transfer thanks to the properties of the module material as well as microwave-tuned antenna design. This special configuration will move the signal and its hazardrous radiation away from you without sacrificing on the full signal strength. To make it more marketable, this is the only case that has been tested by the FCC and received certification to reduce cellphone radiation without sacrificing on signal strength. Too bad there aren’t plans to roll out similar casing design for other handsets at the moment.

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