Security robot in Mujiro and Ligurio forms

This rather futuristic looking security robot will be available in Mujiro and Ligurio models, where they come in purple and blue colors, respectively. Makoto Ishigaki is the brains behind the designs, where they have hidden retractable arms that feature 7 degrees of freedom whenever the body opens up. Battery life is a dampener however, requiring a recharge every four hours. The arms will normally reside within the body so that they have an easier time maneuvering around the designated patrol location, but when required, can be extended to pick up and dispose potentially dangerous materials in a similar manner to robots enlisted by bombsquads. To make things more interesting, they feature image recognition capability that detects a person from 30 miles away (the source might be wrong on this), while boasting microwave sensors capable of detecting people through thin walls. Whenever it finds intruders, it will issue a verbal warning. Too bad it doesn’t come equipped with heavy hitting firepower.

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