Touchscreen like iPhone computer in kitchen

Most kitchens tend not to have too many sensitive gizmos around apart from old faithfuls like microwave ovens and toasters. Well, this touchscreen iPhone-like computer takes the cake, and to make it all the more desirable, it was built from scratch which means you can’t walk into the store and bring one home just like that. It is powered by an Intel Core i5 650 3.2GHz processor, sporting 2GB RAM and a 800GB SATA II hard drive, all stashed away into a Coolermaster Elite 333 Mid-Tower case. Running on Windows XP, it was built by a devoted husband for his wife who wants a computer that manages her shopping lists and vast collection of recipes. To make it less stressful when cooking for a large crowd, this DIY solution is capable of playing music via iTunes, plays nice with Skype and features a host of other social networking solutions that is ready to go.

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