TravSafe luggage is not to be trifled with

Here’s an interesting piece of luggage that not only keeps your belongings safe while you travel, it does so in a devious manner that would make any Pharaoh proud as it resembles hidden traps found in those ancient pyramids. This piece of luggage comes with a honeycomb interior to make it all the more durable during your travels, armed with a passive alarm system as well as an active alarm system which you are able to set off remotely. Whoever tries to steal your luggage from you will be in for a surprise, as all you need to do is pull the trigger to break it off and sparks will fly, accompanied by smoke and an audio alarm to alert others to your situation. As for the passive alarm system, it will activate itself when it senses itself being a certain distance away from the floor, emitting loud noises this time round. No idea if the TSA will approve of such luggage if it ever makes it to the real world, but we don’t think so.

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