Ubisoft Thinks That You Should Be Online To Play Your Games

This probably isn’t going to go down well with many folks out there. It seems that, in order to combat piracy, Ubisoft has decided that every time you want to play your game, it has to phone back to Ubisoft before you’re given permission to play. So if the Internet is down for some reason, you’re out of luck. Of course, the “benefit” of this is that you won’t need the disc in the drive, you’ll be able to access your saved games from anywhere, and you can play from any computer that has an Internet connection. What do you think about all these anti-piracy measure? More often that not, we seem to hear the user who has purchased a legitimate copy of games have to suffer a lot to get the game running, whilst the person who downloads a pirated copy is running it happily without any problems. Is that the way the future will be?

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