Unused AT&T Prepaid Calling Cards To Be Claimed By State?

If you’ve used prepaid calling cards before, you’ll surely have experienced an occasion where you’ve got some credit left on the card, and ditch the card. The unused credit is called “breakage”, and is like a free gift to the carriers (since you purchased it and never used it). It seems like the Washington D.C.’s district attorney doesn’t see it that way though, as it’s suing AT&T seeking the return of the unused minutes whose last known address was D.C. and who haven’t used the card in 3 or more years. Apparently the prepaid calling cards must be treated as unclaimed property, and by district law, is set to be returned to the state after 3 years. Do you think AT&T should be eligible to claim those free minutes as its own, or should it be returned to the state?

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