Wireless HD Streaming For TVs Soon

If you’re into HD video and want to stream HD video content around your house, you’ll want to keep an eye on a technology called AXAR at CES 2010. Created by a British company called ProVision, the technology should be in a range of TVs, set-top boxes and network devices by Christmas 2010. Considering that ProVision has already worked with companies such as Thomson, Pace, ITV, Toshiba and Sky, perhaps AXAR will be used by them. The main difference is that instead of using a wireless network or the Internet to send and receive the signal, AXAR will be sending the signal from either Component or HDMI over the air to a dedicated receiver. Not only that, the current technology supports 2 separate HD streams at the same time, so we’re certainly looking forward to this. Remember to check back here often during CES 2010!

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