16 year Old Invents Low frequency Radio For Underground Communications

Alex Kendrick sure seems to have achieved more than a lot of people who are older than his 16-years of age. As you know, if you’re deep in a cave or underground, you’re not going to get much luck trying to text your Aunt Peggy back home. He’s come up with a new low-frequency radio that can penetrate rock more easily than that of high-frequency transmissions. His team of explorers went as deep as 946 feet to record the deepest known digital communication ever in the United States. When you’re a cave rescue worker who’s always stressed out due to the lack (or non-existence) of a cell phone signal, you’ll be grateful when this technology is implemented. By the way, if you’re wondering what that young lad is holding in the picture, it’s the collapsible radio antenna, and fortunately plans are already in motion to ruggedize and miniaturize it, making it more practical.

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