Digital Magazines are 10x more exciting than eBooks

[MWC 2010] NVIDIA was demonstrating the Adobe Air (electronic) version of Wired Magazine an NVIDIA Tegra 2 development kit. I know many hardcore readers that are eBooks fans, but quite frankly what I’m really getting excited about is eMagazines. I buy *some* magazines (when I fly), but I think that I would buy much more magazine if they were in digital form and… well, cheaper. I would like to load up with magazines when I board a plane and even subscribe to a few nice digital magazines. This digital version of Wired is really nice and it is interactive (you can see multiple pages at once, and navigate fairly quickly). You can zoom, scroll and do more things: I have not seen all the features – but I liked what I saw. Now, the industry is worried about this change, and I don’t know if/how the economics will work for them. What I do know is that today I buy (close to) zero magazines. What about you?

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