Flash 10.1 Needs Some Enhancements For Android

Many of us have been waiting for Flash to arrive on mobile devices, and if you’re waiting for Flash 10.1 on Android, you’ll probably require an update sometime in the future for it to work. We previously mentioned that Flash 10.1 should be hitting Android users this year, and we hope that Adobe is still on track to do so. Now, according to Adrian Ludwig, group product marketing manager for Flash Platform, support for the full Flash Player 10.1 will require some enhancements to existing versions of Android. It seems that these enhancements that he mentioned will be available as an upgrade to existing devices and for new devices in Q2 of 2010. Hopefully there won’t be too long a delay to get these enhancements out. After all, we all want to see those annoying Flash advertisements on our mobile phones, right?

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