Motonav TN555 And TN765 GPS Hands On At MWC

Motonav TN555 And TN765 GPS Hands On At MWCMotonav TN555 And TN765 GPS Hands On At MWC

[WMC 2010] Motorola was demonstrating a couple of GPS devices that will make it to the U.S in the next few months. You might remember that we mentioned these units to you last month during CES. The most interesting was indeed the TN765, which is the high-end one, with all the features that are must-have on Personal Navigation Devices (PND): Voice commands, 3d maps, hands-free, traffic, messaging, iPod connector… you name it. While the graphics are not as fast as video games, it is still faster than many competitors. If you want, you could have it professionally installed to get all the audio output on your car stereo (there are easier ways to achieve this). Thanks to the widescreen, it is possible to see the map and directions (or other information) at once. Points of interest show up along your path, and if you tap and hold on one of them, the GPS will ask you if you want to go there, or just place a phone call. We’re looking forward to seeing these devices in action.

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