Palm Pre Plus Facing GPS Issues?

If you’ve recently purchased a Palm Pre Plus from Verizon, have you been encountering GPS problems? Reports are coming in that the full tower-assisted AGPS is only working for VZ Navigator, and not other apps. Some folks are claiming that the position reported by the phone is several miles off from where they currently are, which obviously makes the GPS feature less useful. Apparently this might be due to the phone triangulating your position using cell towers, possibly because it is unable to get hold of the GPS signal. Some folks do seem to have found a workaround though, and it seems that if you open up VZ Navigator (even if you haven’t purchased a plan), then try to use the GPS feature on other apps, it works fine. It’s hard to confirm the exact details at this point, as user feedback varies, but it’s something that you might want to take into account when considering this phone.

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