Pioneer CyberBoard EPD-C50E and EPD-C50EC

You know a country is super high-tech when they have robots as health caregivers, and the same can be said for Japan where many things are already automated and handled by machines. The kids themselves grow up on such a culture, starting from the classroom where the Pioneer CyberBoard EPD-C50E and EPD-C50EC 50″ displays that are used in schools function as an electronic blackboard. They come with a 1,366 × 768 resolution and features an integrated digital TV tuner, with D-sub, composite, component and S-video inputs as connectivity options. Heck, the EPD-C50EC is even equipped with a USB camera for students to see blown up images of an actual object. Effective teaching tools are always welcome, but getting the child’s attention – now that’s a challenge.

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