Shape Shifting Cell Phone Prototype Interacts With You

We’ve all gotten used to the current cell phone designs that are in the market nowadays, but don’t you think that cell phones should interact with us a little more? Designer researcher, Fabian Hemmert, was showing off three rather cool prototype phones at TEDxBerlin.

First off you’ve got a design where the weight of the phone can be shifted, making it heavier on the top, bottom, left or right. This could be used to let you know that you’ve got to make a left turn, or that there might be more content in one direction (if you’re browsing a map for instance).

Next there is a shape-changing design, where the thickness of the phone might change. It could grow thicker, or part of the phone could become thicker, allowing it to stand on its side, becoming an alarm clock or digital photo frame.

The last is a rather weird “living” phone, where the phone can express its emotional state, and even have a “heartbeat” of sorts.

You probably won’t see these in mobile phones anytime soon, but who knows, right? It’s certainly cool enough to warrant more research into it.

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