SilverStone HDDBoost is hard drive on steroids

Computer performance enthusiasts would certainly welcome the SilverStone HDDBoost into their fold, considering this peripheral touts the ability to boost hard drive performance by up to a whopping 70%! It will hook up from one 2.5″ SSD to any 3.5″ hard drive. When connected, the hard drive will get to work by creating a mirror of the front end data of the hard drive, copying everything over to the SSD which ought to go a long way in helping your machine access such stored files in a speedier manner. Even better news is there isn’t any need for special software to take advantage of the HDDBoost. Currently available in Japan only at the moment, the SilverStone HDDBoost will retail for approximately $50. is required. Just plug the drives in and the hardware takes care of everything automatically. The total price is around $50, although the device is only available in Japan right now. That should change if this thing really does work as advertised. It sounds like the perfect stop-gap between HDDs and SSDs.

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