TrickleStrip Surge Protector Will Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Do you think that having to turn off all your switches one by one after shutting down your computer everyday is troublesome? You might want to check out the TrickleStrip, which might be able to help you with that. It features 2 outlets that are always powered on, but one other slot that is able to control 3 special sockets. So if you hook up your computer to the controlling socket, and plug the monitor and speakers into the special sockets, once you turn off your computer, those other devices will be turned off too, so you won’t waste any electricity by them being in standby mode. The best part is that the TrickleStrip also functions as a surge protector, so it’ll come in handy on a rainy day. It seems like a rather good idea, though you’ll need to think carefully whether being lazy is enough to justify spending $44.95 on this.

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