Wacom DTU-2231 full HD interactive pen display

Wacom announces its maiden entry into the full HD interactive pen display market with the DTU-2231. Capable of achieving direct pen-on-screen input, the DTU-2231 was specially designed to optimize efficiency and productivity, targeting folks like geophysicists, oil & gas experts, planners, engineers, cartographers and emergency responders to quickly and easily create original content, where among other capabilities include map editing alongside the management, analysis and sharing of geographic information. Definitely not meant for folks who love doodling digitally in the comfort of their living room. Hardware specifications include a 21.5″ widescreen LCD display at 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, a cordless, battery-free pen with 512 levels of pressure sensitivity, an integrated USB hub, DVI-I (digital or analog) input, DVI-I output and video scaler. Expect the Wacom DTU-2231 to cost you a fair bit at $1,899 a pop when it arrives this Spring. [Press Release]

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