3DSwitch Will Enable TVs To Know Whether You Want 3D Or 2D Shows

Sisvel and start-up 3DSwitch are busy touting a rather cool device that will allow your TV to correctly detect whether you’re trying to watch a program in 2D or 3D. What it does is that it’ll detect whether you’re wearing 3D stereoscopic glasses, and if you’re not, then the TV switches to 2D mode. It can be implemented in 2 ways, the first being if you use active glasses that contain a battery and some electronics, it could then have a capacitive sensor that sends infrared commands to the TV, letting it know to use 3D; if the user is using passive glasses, then the TV must be equipped with a camera that can look at viewers to see if they’re wearing glasses, and if those glasses are polarized glasses for stereoscopic viewing. It’s good to see 3D technology being developed and making inroads to becoming mainstream. We’re looking forward to 3D movies becoming the norm rather than the exception.

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