Android Froyo To Stem Platform Fragmentation?

If you’re using Android 1.5 or Android 1.6, chances are that you’ve come across a cool Android app that you wanted to install, but couldn’t because your carrier hasn’t released the latest version of Android for you yet, so you’re stuck with the old version, unable to install the latest app. Fragmentation has been an issue for Android for the past few versions, especially those that have been left behind, but now Google might be tackling this issue, and it could be done in the upcoming major versions – Froyo and Gingerbread. Apparently Google will be carving out the major features and core elements from the main OS, so that you’ll be able to download the updates you need directly from the Android Market. This means that if Google released a new version of Gmail, you wouldn’t be stuck with the old version just because your carrier didn’t release the latest version; you could just download the necessary components off the market. Do you think that this is the solution to fragmentation in the Android ecosystem?

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