Etymotic ER 200 Personal Noise Dosimeter

Having more than enough money is what most people are working towards in their respective careers, but sometimes life deals us a hand where our humble abode will be in the form of an apartment located right beside a subway line, which means you will be able to hear the rumbling of a passing train all too clearly from the wee hours of the morning till late at night. Etymotic’s ER-200 Personal Noise Dosimeter could help spur you into looking for another place to stay, since this audio screening device will inform you of how much damage your ears are experiencing after staying in a noisy environment for extended periods. The normal mode will measure and display your noise dose continuously for up to 16 hours, while its Quick Check mode will measure the surrounding noise for two minutes, followed by a calculation and an estimated dose of noise for an hour. Would you need to fork out $99 for something that tells you what you already know as common sense?

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